06th Jul2012

Get A Smart Rabbit

by Raalph

We all know that there is a difference between a rabbit and a hare, though not many people know what the difference is. Most people think that the difference is that rabbits are domesticated while hares are wild. The difference is actually more fundamental than that. Rabbits are more compact and built for hopping while hares are built for running and have much longer legs than rabbits.

A lot of children are given rabbits as pets by their parents in the hopes that they will teach a bit of responsibility. If this is something that you are considering doing then you might want to consider a Belgian hare instead. They are not a true hare but rather a special breed of rabbit. This rabbit resembles a wild hare but still has the genetics of a rabbit.

They are said to be really intelligent, more so than the average rabbit and can live as long as ten years. They are also more active than the average rabbit and a little larger. It looks a lot like a hare though, so be sure that your child knows that its rabbit is going to be different if you intend on getting one of these.


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