28th Jul2012

The Truth About Belgian Hare

by Chad

Belgian Hare can be described as a fancy breed of household rabbit. According to history, the first Belgian hare was bred in far away Belgium in the early 18th century and in 1874, it was sent to England where it was named Belgian hare. Belgian hare that weighs an average weight of 6-9 pounds is said to be among the most active and intelligent breeds of household rabbit. This type of hare has slender, long body with agile legs. Belgian hare has a lifespan of ten years and more.
A typical Belgian hare has a long head and straight tail carried in line with its backbone. It has long perfectly straight and fine boned feet together with flat and fine hind feet. Without mincing words, Belgian hare is the only breed of domestic rabbit that is featuring a cavernous rich chestnut, red color of the Belgian hare in addition to its black ticking of a blotchy or ticking appearance.
This type of breed needs more care and attention due to the fact that they are different from other household rabbits. They therefore need special housing and dietary requirements compared to other rabbits.
As intelligent as the Belgian hare is, it can be trained to learn and know its name. Apart from that, it can be upset easily by unexpected movement or noise as a result of its alert temperament and active nature. This is the more reason why the experts recommended that radio should be played near it all the time to be conversant with noise.
Furthermore, Belgian hare is known for its responsiveness to handling, most especially when trained from the tender age and therefore not allowed to be handled by children because of its large size and high speed of causing injury.
Belgian hare also has extremely high metabolic rate, therefore need more steady feeding than other household rabbit breeds. They like feeding on vegetables such as escarole, romaine lettuce, collard, thyme, parsley, basis, kale, dandelion and cilantro. The most vital component of the diet of Belgian hare is hay. Hay is roughage responsible for reducing blockage chance in the process of providing indigestible fiber essential for keeping the gut moving.
Ideally, female Belgian hare will start breeding from 9 months old with 4 to 8 large litter babies after its gestation periods of 28 to 31 days.


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