13th Jul2012

Whereabouts Of Belgian Hares

by Raalph

There are many types of hares in this world. Among them, Belgian hare is one. It is a domestic rabbit. From the name it is easy for anyone to understand that these hares are originated in Belgium.

For knowing the history of Belgian hares, you will need to go back to the year 1874. At that time, the first Belgian hare was imported to England by the Lumb brothers. Actually a Belgian hare is a true rabbit but not a hare as said before. The first Belgian hare was standardized in the year 1882 in England. The very first Belgian hare arriving at the American soil was imported in 1888. It was imported by E.M.Hughes of New York. Short after that, the American Belgian Hare Association was formed. It was not the only organization formed for the Belgian hares. Another organization formed in the year 1897 named “National Belgian Hare Club of America”. Soon the numbers of these rabbits were increasing and that too at a very rapid rate. This is because the popularity among the people were increasing at a very fast rate and so England were exporting a lot of rabbits to America, some pricing even up to 1000 dollars each. Normally people once started breeding Belgian hares do not really go with any other ones. There are even people keeping the Belgian hares for even 70 years.

You will find Belgian hares in several colors. But the standard color is the Rufus Red, a brilliant rich red of a tan. According the ARBA (American Rabbit Breeders Association) perfection standards, this is the only one color accepted today. Other than this color there are black, ruby eyed white, black and tan etc. available in the market. These are mainly the colors people go with. Apart from these colors, there are not any colors of rabbit people go with or are available.


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