09th Aug2012

Detailed Profiles Of A Deilenaar Rabbit

by Chad

Due to the fact that all rabbits have different characteristics, it is of great importance to find out a lot of information about the Deilenaar rabbit breeds you will welcome in your household. The information contained in this article will give you the detailed profiles of a typical Deilenaar rabbit.
Deilenaar rabbit emanated from Bature in the town of Deli in Netherlands formally called Holland in the 1930s. Deilenaar and a breed of rabbit is a solid medium sized pet with average weight of 2.5kg to 3.5kg or 5 to 7lbs. It was developed by Ridderhof G.W.A. and was found suitable for domestic pet because of its friendliness and liveliness.
Furthermore, Deilenaar is robust and strong with muscular short body all through. This animal has an attractive coat that is longer than that of other breeds and also warm red color that is accented by some heavily spotted black ticking referred to as Mackereling. The head of a Deilenaar rabbit can be found on its hidden neck while it has well rounded thickest and short tail.
While Deilenaar rabbit’s legs are firm and short, it has broad rear legs with broad fore and firm build. The fur of this pet is of sufficient length in order for the wavy ticking to be shown to full improvement. Hence, the fur is radiant, very intense and close. For the ears and head of a Deilenaar rabbit, the length of the ears is between 4 to 5 inches or 10 to 12cm. The ears are erect and strong while the head is strongly developed, particularly in the male types.
The belly and the top color of Deilenaar is warm red brown alongside strong crimped ticking. This also happens to the entire body except the belly and the inside of the hind legs. The jaw bone, muzzle and the inside of the ears are laced with black. On the other hand, the forelegs are ticked heavily and more than the body due to its shorter fur. Accordingly, the body of this pet is hard, meaty and muscular. It also has twinkling and bright eyes of spirit.
It is very easy to groom Dielenaar rabbit. For adequate care and proper grooming, Deilenaar rabbit needs brushing at least once in a week. You only use rabbit tilting brush for the grooming. Deilenaar rabbit may need frequent brushing in the shedding time of year. The nails of this pet must be kept clean and cut all the time while you must clean the fur without mattes.
The above are the profiles and features of a typical Deilenaar rabbit you must welcome in your household.


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