15th Oct2012

Adopting a Belgian hare? Learn more about this breed

by Chad

Well, this breed of domestic rabbit greatly resembles a hare. The body structure of a Belgian hare is usually long and narrow with legs that are straight, an arched back and rounded hind area. Further describing the physical appearance of the breed it has hazel colored eyes, longish open ears and comes with a dense coat that is wavy. The coat is most often chestnut colored mixed with black hair. These are some of the commonly found physical characteristics of a Belgian hare. There are also Belgian hares that are black or tan in color and even those that are entirely white with distinct red eyes, but these colored ones are not a very common.

This breed is very easy to groom if kept in a clean domestic set up, a rub over once in a while is all you will need to do in order to get rid of its dead hair. During the shedding period it is advised to comb the coat on alternate days.

Belgian Hares are very intelligent rabbits that are loaded with energy. With good training they are able to identify their name and even use a specified area for toilet purpose, thus helping make cleaning for its owner easier. Just make sure you leave the Belgian hare with enough space and exercise opportunities. These hares love playing with toys and prefer to remain occupied with activity. The breed usually sleeps during daytime and is very active early morning and at bedtime.

Since this breed has a metabolic rate that is really high, they will need food in quantity and more often when compared to other pet rabbits. The weight of an average Belgian rabbit is between 6 and 9 pounds.

The Belgian Hare is friendly and is usually well mannered. Yet the size and speed may not make it suitable as a pet for children.


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