01st Nov2012

History of The Deilenaar Rabbit

by Chad

The Deilenaar Rabbit originates from a small town of Deli, located in Holland. That the how the rabbits got its name. This breed was first seen in the year 1930s by Mr. G.W.A. Ridderhof. These rabbits are very friendly and lively. They are very robust and strong. They have a short muscular body. Their coat is their center of attraction. These rabbits have combination colors of golden brown and white or black, brown and white mixed colors.

These rabbits have short fur on their heads, legs and ears as compared to the rest of the body. They are short and round with an invisible neck. They have a broad fore and hindquarters. Their legs are short and firm. They weigh anywhere from 2.5 kgs upto 3.5 kgs. These rabbits since they are very friendly can be made as household pets.

When we say pets, make sure that you do not keep these rabbits in a small cage all day long. These rabbits require at least a minimum of 4 hours per day to play and hop freely across the compound. While leaving the rabbits inside your homes, make sure that it does not get in contact with any wires while playing which can be quite dangerous. Instead allow them to play in open areas.

We all know that rabbits are pure vegetarians and most of us might have seen on TV that bunnies love carrots. Therefore, make sure that you give them sufficient quantity of vegetables for them to eat. In fact rabbits can keep eating for a long period and become very chubby. But that is the beauty of these little bunnies. The more they eat, the more chubby they become. Rabbits can be a great friend with other pets in a home such as cats and dogs provided that all of them are tamed at a very young age.


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