14th Dec2012

Rabbits as Pets

by Chad

Are you planning to have rabbits as pets? There are a couple of questions you need to know and realize before you plan to keep pet rabbits. Do rabbits really make good pets? Here below is a checklist which you need to take into consideration before planning to bring a pet rabbit to your home.

1- Rabbits can be considered to be a long term commitment – The reason why we say this is because the life of this tiny little breed can be anywhere from 10 years to 12 years. That is exactly the main reason why many families prefer keeping pet rabbits. It is better to have the rabbits kept indoors as otherwise it can fall prey to various predators such as cats, dogs and even birds such as eagles. The question is – Are you ready to keep rabbits for such a long period of time indoors? Moreover, what about your holidays? Who will take care of them during such times?

2- Children and Rabbits do not get along – Many children love rabbits for its soft fur and fluffy ears but as we all know rabbits love quiet and silent areas and therefore they will never get along with noisy kids at home. Hence, if you have children below the age of 8 years, it is not suitable to adopt a pet rabbit in your home.

3- Rabbits keep chewing continuously – Yes, it is true. Rabbits love to chew non stop. It is a bunny’s vital behavior. The reason why they chew is to keep their teeth strong and sharp. But extensive chewing can be dangerous especially when you have your carpets and sofa’s at home being chewed up by your pet rabbit.

It is therefore necessary to think twice before planning to adopt a pet bunny in your home. In all cases, yes rabbits are lovable and cute but you need to take into consideration various other points as well.


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