22nd Jun2013

How a Belgian hare can turn out to be as intelligent as you?

by Chad

Developed through selective breeding, the Belgian hare is one of those intelligent fancy breeds of rabbits. As we know that there is a difference between a rabbit and a hare, this type of rabbit resembles a hare and hence the name. Owing to its intelligence and sparky attitude, the rabbit stays active all through the day and it requires a special care. Also, Belgian hare loves to run and play, so a well spaced cage would keep your rabbit safe and happy. Resembling a hare, this rabbit can live up to 10 years and more if it is taken care in a proper manner. With the intent of creating a meat eating rabbit, the Belgian hare underwent selective breeding in the early 18th century.
Extra long hutches should be put up for this rabbit as it would give the room to play. Also, it should be placed in an area which does not have the direct touch of the sunlight and should be provided extra shelter during times of bad weather. Since, the Belgian hare is active all day, it is necessary to understand its feeding habits and feed more than what the normal rabbits eat. It is advisable to always provide them a handful of hay to make them energetic. If you are feeding pellets to your rabbits, then you should make sure that you choose the standard company that offers healthy pellets. Also, a variety of pellets is given to them to avoid monotony.
With its natural intelligence, a little training to this rabbit will make them respond if called. When your rabbit is about four years old, you can start the training by teaching them to run. In this way, a trainer can boost the rabbit’s confidence. In another few weeks, you can train them to sit up and listen to you. It is clever to train them before every meal so that they take them as a reward.


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