28th Jul2013

Take good care of your Deilenaar Rabbit.

by Chad

Deilenaar rabbit is known for its unique appearance. With rabbits being seen in its usual color such as black white and brown, Deilenaar rabbit is an exception sporting warm red-brown fur with black stripes giving it a wavy appearance. One of the memorable things about this breed of rabbit is its appearance. The wavy appearance is called as ‘mackereling’ in which the rabbit’s fur is never even.
Weighing between 2 to 4 kilograms, Deilenaar rabbit is a suitable household pet. This medium sized rabbit has a compact body with its neck barely visible. Since Deilenaar rabbit is brought put by selective breeding, the basic characteristics of the rabbit resembles the foundation breeds. Being one of the friendliest pets, the owner should make sure that they allow the pet to wander around the house freely and safely. The handler should take good care of the pet by keeping their nails cut in frequent intervals. This breed is also considered as one of the intelligent rabbits and has the ability to grasp quickly whatever is being taught to them. For its lively character, the rabbit should be fed frequently so that it stays energetic all through the day. Toys with bells are appropriate for them to stay brisk.
As a hybrid animal, it is said that the rabbit’s teeth grows continuously and the owner should get it checked in a regular manner. To avoid the outgrowth of molar which makes the intake of food almost impossible, the rabbits should be fed with food that is high on fiber. High fiber food would be sufficient for its appetite and mellows down the growth of teeth. Also, make sure that your rabbit does not become overweight. It is considered bad for its health and prevents it from grooming properly. Thus, frequent checks on your rabbits will help you monitor its growth.


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