Take good care of your Deilenaar Rabbit.

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Deilenaar rabbit is known for its unique appearance. With rabbits being seen in its usual color such as black white and brown, Deilenaar rabbit is an exception sporting warm red-brown fur with black stripes giving it a wavy appearance. One of the memorable things about this breed of rabbit is its appearance. The wavy appearance is called as ‘mackereling’ in which the rabbit’s fur is never even.
Weighing between 2 to 4 kilograms, Deilenaar rabbit is a suitable household pet. This medium sized rabbit has a compact body with its neck barely visible. Since Deilenaar rabbit is brought put by selective breeding, the basic characteristics of the rabbit resembles the foundation breeds. Being one of the friendliest pets, the owner should make sure that they allow the pet to wander around the house freely and safely. The handler should take good care of the pet by keeping their nails cut in frequent intervals. This breed is also considered as one of the intelligent rabbits and has the ability to grasp quickly whatever is being taught to them. For its lively character, the rabbit should be fed frequently so that it stays energetic all through the day. Toys with bells are appropriate for them to stay brisk.
As a hybrid animal, it is said that the rabbit’s teeth grows continuously and the owner should get it checked in a regular manner. To avoid the outgrowth of molar which makes the intake of food almost impossible, the rabbits should be fed with food that is high on fiber. High fiber food would be sufficient for its appetite and mellows down the growth of teeth. Also, make sure that your rabbit does not become overweight. It is considered bad for its health and prevents it from grooming properly. Thus, frequent checks on your rabbits will help you monitor its growth.

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How to take care of your cute Belgian Hare?

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Pets often are considered as members of our family, and not merely as domesticated animals. There are so many different kinds of pets these days, out of them all the Belgian hare is probably the cutest of them all. This particular species was developed through the method of selective breeding, in order to replicate the wild hare. A pet hare can easily be domesticated, which is one of the main reasons behind their popularity as pets. These pets need the utmost care and attention possible, since these species are much different compared to others. Their lifestyle, dietary requirements, as well as their breeding season differs from the other sub-species of the hare family, however the Belgian hare is one of the cutest and most intelligent pet one can have at home. You will most definitely not regret spending so much of your time, money and energy on this particular pet because of the love it shows in return.
The cage for your pet hare has to be sufficiently sized, and the material from which it is made must not affect the hare’s health, because sometimes in the name of bargaining, people often settle for a cage they shouldn’t have bought in the first place, just ensure that you keep your pet’s health in perspective. Dietary needs may sometimes vary from one hare to another, however it is often on the higher side since these cute creatures are very much physically and mentally active and alert. Their intelligence is indeed noteworthy; they can even be trained to say their name! The best thing about having a Belgian hare for a pet is that they are simply adorable, and make for great company. If you looking for a pet that is unique , pretty cute and intelligent , all at the same time, you should go for the Belgian Hare without second thoughts!

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Why are Rabbits A Children-Friendly Pet?

Chad : June 22, 2013 7:33 am : Recent

Pets always play a huge role in one’s personality development. In the recent times, the love for pets has seen a steady surge and people just love growing and taking care of pets at their residences. People before buying a pet for themselves look whether they have children at their place and whether the pet would harm their kid or not. Considering all these, if you are still confused about which pet to buy, fear not. Pushing aside all the speculations, one can choose rabbits as their pets. Rabbits are those kinds of pets that are harmless and equally fun loving. There are umpteen breeds of rabbits for the kids to play with. One of the most important factors about a rabbit is that it does not shed its fur like cats and dogs.
Is your child asking for a pet that is furry like dogs and cats? Then, considering their safety, the best option is to go for Deilenaar Rabbit. This breed of Rabbit is from Netherlands weighing about two to three kilograms. Rabbits usually consume vegetarian food which is an added advantage while considering how much you need to spend on other pets. Also, these occupy much less space than that of a dog. On buying a rabbit as a pet, you must have the basic knowledge about their lifestyle so that you can understand their eating habits.
Another better option is to go for a pet is Belgian hare. This type of rabbit resembles a hare and has been developed through selective breeding. The Belgian hare is considered to be one of the most intelligent and energetic of the lot. Being energetic, this particular breed needs to be fed more frequently. With efficient training, these rabbits respond when their names are called. Also, while thinking of buying rabbits, do not go for the caged ones. They might not turn out to be the energetic rabbits that you need.

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How a Belgian hare can turn out to be as intelligent as you?

Chad : June 22, 2013 7:27 am : Recent

Developed through selective breeding, the Belgian hare is one of those intelligent fancy breeds of rabbits. As we know that there is a difference between a rabbit and a hare, this type of rabbit resembles a hare and hence the name. Owing to its intelligence and sparky attitude, the rabbit stays active all through the day and it requires a special care. Also, Belgian hare loves to run and play, so a well spaced cage would keep your rabbit safe and happy. Resembling a hare, this rabbit can live up to 10 years and more if it is taken care in a proper manner. With the intent of creating a meat eating rabbit, the Belgian hare underwent selective breeding in the early 18th century.
Extra long hutches should be put up for this rabbit as it would give the room to play. Also, it should be placed in an area which does not have the direct touch of the sunlight and should be provided extra shelter during times of bad weather. Since, the Belgian hare is active all day, it is necessary to understand its feeding habits and feed more than what the normal rabbits eat. It is advisable to always provide them a handful of hay to make them energetic. If you are feeding pellets to your rabbits, then you should make sure that you choose the standard company that offers healthy pellets. Also, a variety of pellets is given to them to avoid monotony.
With its natural intelligence, a little training to this rabbit will make them respond if called. When your rabbit is about four years old, you can start the training by teaching them to run. In this way, a trainer can boost the rabbit’s confidence. In another few weeks, you can train them to sit up and listen to you. It is clever to train them before every meal so that they take them as a reward.

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Rabbits as Pets

Chad : December 14, 2012 11:25 am : Recent

Are you planning to have rabbits as pets? There are a couple of questions you need to know and realize before you plan to keep pet rabbits. Do rabbits really make good pets? Here below is a checklist which you need to take into consideration before planning to bring a pet rabbit to your home.

1- Rabbits can be considered to be a long term commitment – The reason why we say this is because the life of this tiny little breed can be anywhere from 10 years to 12 years. That is exactly the main reason why many families prefer keeping pet rabbits. It is better to have the rabbits kept indoors as otherwise it can fall prey to various predators such as cats, dogs and even birds such as eagles. The question is – Are you ready to keep rabbits for such a long period of time indoors? Moreover, what about your holidays? Who will take care of them during such times?

2- Children and Rabbits do not get along – Many children love rabbits for its soft fur and fluffy ears but as we all know rabbits love quiet and silent areas and therefore they will never get along with noisy kids at home. Hence, if you have children below the age of 8 years, it is not suitable to adopt a pet rabbit in your home.

3- Rabbits keep chewing continuously – Yes, it is true. Rabbits love to chew non stop. It is a bunny’s vital behavior. The reason why they chew is to keep their teeth strong and sharp. But extensive chewing can be dangerous especially when you have your carpets and sofa’s at home being chewed up by your pet rabbit.

It is therefore necessary to think twice before planning to adopt a pet bunny in your home. In all cases, yes rabbits are lovable and cute but you need to take into consideration various other points as well.

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