11th Jul2011

Deilenaar Rabbit

HISTORY The Deilenaar rabbit was developed in the fruit growing region of Betuwe, in the town of Deli, Holland where the breed gets it’s name. Mr. G.W.A. more »

11th Jul2011

Domestic Rabbits & Their Histories

The Belgian Hare, as the name suggests, originated in Belgium by crossing the wild European rabbits with various domestic rabbits. It was imported into short term health insurance a health insurance for short duration. England in 1874 by two brothers by the name of Lumb, who regularly imported livestock from the low countries.

11th Jul2011

Litter of Beige Rabbits 3 Days Old

Hustlander Rabbit HISTORY In 1977 Mr. J. de Graaf of the Netherlands began to cross-breed Blue Eyes White Netherland Dwarfs (they are known as Pools in Holland) more »