THANK YOU for visiting Rare Bits & Pieces and the Noah’s Ark of Rabbits. In all my years of being associated with the rabbit industry, no breed has been so captivating than the little Lionhead. The unique mane, wonderful temperament, excellent mothering abilities, and the vast array of colors and patterns to chose from, give the Lionhead rabbit a special place in everyone’s heart.

I take great pride in being able to offer fellow rabbit fanciers the rarer breeds in America, as well as, breeds totally new to the United States. Rare Bits & Pieces rabbits are a diverse mix of bloodlines from all over the United Kingdom, plus a few from Europe. My rabbit friends abroad have all won with their particular breeds in the Championship and major Stock Shows.

Please join me in preserving the rarer American breeds, and help promote new breeds long established abroad, but just now being introduced to the United States. The evolution of the domestic rabbit over the last two hundred years has been an amazing achievement for all fanciers to enjoy. If I may be of help to any of you, please just let me know. Now let the rabbits STEAL A PLACE IN YOUR HEART.

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Austin, December 13, 2011- A fuzzy bunny that leaps and runs through an agility course may seem like an anomaly. But if professional animal trainer Barbara Heidenreich gets her wish more and more people will start training their companion animals to do stupid pet tricks. These cute and often amusing behaviors are a step in the right direction towards getting pet owners to embrace positive reinforcement training techniques.